Thursday, October 08, 2009

Going Upstate NY!

After spending most of the morning in the hospital with another Sister, bag was packed to get ready for an overnight trip to the Motherhouse for a vocation steering committee meeting in the morning. NY Thruway was no problem. Two Sisters rode with me to attend the same meeting. We stopped at a restaurant close to the Motherhouse at 6:38 pm. The waiter came and asked for our order. The three of us decided to take "just water." Okay... he said he'll be back in a few minutes. After about 15 minutes of deliberating among ourselves we decided to get "just burger." One Sister got a burger with no bun and the two of us decided to get bacon cheese burgers. The restaurant was practically empty. We turned to the young waiter and teased him by telling him how lucky he was to have three nuns this night who only wanted burgers and no drinks! He smiled. We're not usually this cheap but this night was one of those rare occasions.
We drove out of the parking lot into the dark night of the Catskills. It was only 7:58 but it looked like it was midnight. No light of any kind here except for car lights. That's how it is here in the country. I gingerly drove keeping alert for any sign of deer. This part of New York is full of deer, even though it is well known that they come out at dusk, we have had encounters with them at late nights also. Well, there it was, the welcoming lights of the Motherhouse building. Tomorrow, we'l l see the grounds better. I scolded myself for not remembering to bring the camera. I could have shown some photos of the beautiful colored trees we passed on the road for my facebook friends!

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