Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thoughts On Advent

As we move closer into the winter months, my mind turns more and more to Advent and Christmas.  Each of the Church’s season has its own distinct beauty.  But Advent has a strong  attraction for me.   It’s not so much the fanfares that accompany it but Advent’s ability to awaken tender sentiments in our hearts.   It brings out the best in us.  Somehow, as soon as we hear hymns and carols announcing the coming of a Child, our hearts are touched and the fire of love is again enkindled.  We find ourselves moved to reach out to others in ways of self-giving and affections.  The liturgical readings in Advent are beautiful and melancholic.  We have heard it said that everyone is a child again at Christmas.  Our Christian life is meant to form this childlike life in us.  The beauty of Advent lies in the fact that even in old age, the child in us, remains.

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