Monday, March 08, 2010

I received my registration form to make my Annual retreat with the Hermits of Bethlehem in June.  I am excited!  I used to make solitude retreats when I was a secular and I miss it after entering Carmel.  The Bethlehem Hermitage is in  Chester, NJ, and very conducive to silence and solitude.  The good thing too is that adjacent to the hermits' property is the hermitage of the Carmelites nuns.  They don't offer retreats, otherwise I would have gone there.  The photos below were some shots I took the afternoon I visited the place.  I am expected to join the hermits for Vespers and Lauds.  No other spiritual books allowed except for the Bible.  Retreatants are invited to fast on Wednesday.  Sounds rigorous but just what my soul needs at this time.  I wonder if any of you know this place?






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