Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's a jungle out here!

At supper, one of the Sisters mentioned, that a bobcat has been spotted in our convent property! A bobcat! I thought they live in the wilds but Germantown, New York is I guess as good as anywhere else.  We do have plenty of deer around here and maybe the cat was looking for a good meal.  I know for certain and  have seen coyotes, foxes, buffaloes and lamas in places around us.  We started with a dozen ducks here and now we are down to just two.  Despite the electric fence around the pond, the predators were still able to get to these poor ducks.  One day, I was taking a walk and saw this beautiful sight of a duck cuddled up in a flower pot:

I think this particular duck is no longer with us since this incident happened a few months back.  We have a Sister who faithfully cares for these ducks but unfortunately the foxes manage to still get to them.  We finally installed the electric fence.  So let's hope for the best for the two survivors.

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