Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Nice Lady!

I was with another Sister at the doctor's office waiting area when a lady came up to us and said: "excuse me, what Order are you?"  After responding to her question, she proceeded to talk with a twinkle in her eye,"I am so pleased to see you here today, Sisters!  I love your habits. I'm glad you still have it on."  I wasn't sure if she was thinking of leaving us or staying on the chair next to me.  But when she finally left, I turned to Sister and said,"What a friendly lady that was!"
I was thinking to myself in humility how powerful a witness the holy habit is.  How it reminds people of God and how it reminds us of how much responsibility we have of living up to what it symbolizes.  I hope that our presence in that office brought God to that woman's life.  "Lord, make me an instrument of your love." (St. Francis).

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  1. Wha+ a wonderfully swee+ blog, SrHelena. You are a fan+as+ic role model, for anyone. Bu+ +hen, you have a very playful side 2 you. I like +ha+. Bu+ you're righ+. I+ mus+ be difficul+ +o have +he honor of wearing a habi+, and being a nun in +he Ca+holic order. Socializa+ion, however, mus+ have i+'s fun days. I had a friend who was a nun un+il she me+ a man she loved dearly and had a li'l girl w/him. Bu+ she was a nun for over 20 years. Her name is Jane+ Senf.