Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jesus Is Still Calling!

It is hard to "sell" religious life or the priesthood these days because of the unfortunate scandals present in the life of the Church.  Answering a religious call is hard enough with regards oppositions from the family and the detachments one must have to pursue it.  But when society constantly bombards one with criticisms and deprecating remarks, it becomes even more of a challenge. Radical discipleship will always be a stumbling block in the view of many, even devout Catholics.  One can serve God outside of religious life, right?  Why enter a convent or seminary?  Why leave families and friends?  The simple answer is Jesus words, "You did not choose Me, I chose you."  In His plan, He desires to set aside people who will be totally dedicated to continuing His mission of suffering and ministry.  God calls and all we do is answer.  It is unfortunate that the holiness of this vocation is tainted with the weaknesses of the human beings called to it.  But we must fix our eyes on the Person who is making the call.  The call to holiness is even greater now than ever.  Jesus is still calling and for those who are called, there is no other choice but to answer.

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  1. I pray that people who hear God's call will answer without undue delay. Say 'yes' now....before it is too late and the opportunity disappears.