Saturday, April 27, 2013

What You Need to Hear When DIscerning?

My idea of discernment is searching for the truth. The truth can be painful in that it can shatter dreams and sweep away illusions. I believe that the role of guiding someone to make clear a vocation can be given by God to whomever He chooses. A spiritual director is ideal but is not the only way. I did not have a spiritual director until I entered religious life. My vocation was revealed to me through an event and nurtured by the nuns. God can call any one at any age and the young has more openness than one who is older. This is a generalization of course and there are always exceptions. But it is necessary, whomever is given the task to advise someone, to speak the truth. Words of encouragement should be true and not just to make the person feel good about the "dream". If there are obvious impediments to a vocation, whether on the part of the person or the Order in particular, these should be made clear. That can be painful to some but it is part of truth. So those who are truly searching for the truth about God's will must be prepared to accept what might go against their own will or preferences.

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  1. Love this! Not sure about your vocation? Get people who you know love God and have a strong prayer life to pray for you. Know that God wants to direct your path and trust that He will lead you! Joyous confidence knowing that the Lord of the universe is your intimate guide.