Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is America

There is public outcry going on regarding the gruesome murders of late term babies by Dr. Kermit Gosnell in an abortion mill in Philadelphia.  I have seen some photos and I was so repulsed.  The cavalier way in which this supposed "doctor" described one baby's reaction just before he was killed was even a hundred times more repulsive!  How can it be possible that a conscience could be as dead as his?  How can such an act be justified by anyone, whether you describe yourself as a pro-life or pro-choice person?  It is pure evil. 

It is truly sad to witness acts as these in a nation claiming itself to be civilized and advanced.  We criticize terrorism in the strongest sense, and rightly so, but many in this country justify and close their eyes to the evils such as these in the name of freedom and rights.  What have we become?  Our country is hemorrhaging from the rupture of its moral fiber and all we have been doing so far is engage in unending debates by multiple groups and people!  We argue and take turns in giving and receiving rounds of opinions  but never seem to come any closer to any agreement, moral or otherwise.  I understand that issues are debated in a democratic society, but if all we do is debate, and people don't wake up, there will be no America left!  Just like the great civilizations before us- we will self- destruct because we failed to see our moment of redemption and failed to realize that our greatness comes from our common belief in the good, noble, beautiful and just.

So what do I want to see happen?  I want people to see that our personal and national values are headed towards the wrong direction.  I want to see more collaboration towards the common good instead of angry, divisive rhetoric which make enemies out of people.  I want to see less government and more accountability on the part of leaders and citizens.  I want conversion to happen in people's hearts- a national realization that we are not made great by scientific. economic and military superiority but more so by a humble submission to a Power higher than ourselves.  I want to see respect to come alive again- respecting the dignity of each person from the moment of conception to natural death.  Someone might say- you must be dreaming! This is America!  We are made up of different people, with different beliefs and views, different cultures and faiths.
They might be right- I must be dreaming and naive- but I know that at one time, in not too distant past, there was once that America.  This nation was created by diversities but  was never so divided as it is now.  There must be something we can do as a people.  It is precisely because THIS IS America that the dream is still alive! 

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