Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Virtues of Purity and Modesty.. I'm not kidding!

source: cnytr.blogspot.com

I subscribe to Catholic Answer Forum and every now and then I come up with topics which are "hot." I guess people will bear with me writing this post because I'm a religious. I might get a polite raise of the eyebrows or understanding smile for after all, you expect something like that from a nun, don't you? Some may even think "Is she serious.. in this day and age?" But I am serious! Our young people are corrupted by what is out there on TV, peer pressure, colleges and universities. It is sad that these two virtues have been thrown in the back seat of mainstream America. Am I exaggerating? It is so hard to tell young people to practice the virtues when they don't even know what 'virtue" means? How can we witness to living a chaste and honorable life and still have fun with friends and live "normal?" One of the challenges of being a Religious is to try to present something which is good in itself and not turn people off because it's coming from a Sister. In other words, someone may be tempted to say: "Of course she'll say that, she's a nun! They don't realize that they should pay attention to it because it is good in itself whether a nun or one's mother says it.

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  1. I believe the best way to teach young people today is to provide tangible, consistent examples of those virtues we are extolling, particularly those which are least accepted. If we can't live them ourselves, how can we expect others to? It is the very fact that we can uphold those virtues in today's society that will attract their attention. We must pray for the strength of the Holy Spirit to help us follow through.